Corporate Money Pledge.

cropped-ray.jpgRay Guillory, takes the no corporate money pledge.

“I Ray Guillory, pledge to not accept multiple donations of corporate money in my campaign. I will accept money from small business owners. I will only accept donations from either the business or the owner personally, but not both. Corporate money doesn’t belong in politics.”

Ray Guillory, Democrat for Florida House District 2.

” I will represent the people of my district. Corporations are not people. Unlike my opponent I do not believe that a candidate should take thousands of dollars from one person just because they happen to run twenty different corporations. The limit that any person can give is $1000 and that should include business people. It’s hard enough for average people to compete with a $1000 donation much less a $20,000 donation”.

In order to do this I am counting on you to contribute to my campaign. Working people standing up for working people. Please donate today. You can give $5 to $1000. You can even donate a set amount each month.

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