Election Reform.

voteWe need election reform in Florida. Voting is the most important right we have. We should do everything in our power to make access to the ballot easier. Unfortunately many believe that the less people that vote the better off they are. The want to discourage and disenfranchise voters for their own political gain. I will fight any legislation that would limit or impede your right to vote.
1. I believe that instead of sample ballots the SOEs should mail everyone a vote by mail ballot. These ballots should have return postage paid. If you want to vote at your precinct on election day, you bring the ballot with you. Voters should be issued PINs that have to be included on the ballot for security.
2. I believe NPA voters should not be excluded from primary elections. Their tax dollars pay for the elections too, they shouldn’t be disenfranchised. I believe their ballot should list all races, without party, and list candidates in alphabetical order. NPAs should pick one candidate from each race.

3. Write in candidates should not lock primaries. Only candidates who have qualified as partisan or NPA should be considered competitive in closing primaries. If only one party has qualified candidates and no non partisan candidates qualify, that primary should be considered open.

4. We need campaign finance reform. I believe we should prohibit corporations and PACs, who share officers or more than a third of the board of directors or an address, from giving contributions to a candidate that another PAC that shares the same has donated to.

5. Automatic restoration of  voting rights. When an ex felon completes their sentence, their voting rights should automatically be restored.

If elected to the legislature I will push for these reforms.

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