These are the ideals that we will fight for.

Equality   Justice   Freedom   Opportunity


  • Support no law or regulation that allows discrimination. Fight any legislation that would discriminate against people based on gender, race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Minorities and women should receive equal pay for equal work, and equal treatment under law. Support and fight for legislation that works to give minorities and women equal access to opportunities in public education and government contracting.
  • Expand Medicaid to Florida’s poorest and neediest women and children. One child not getting the medical care that they need is one child too many, much less millions.
  • Fully fund education. This means that teachers in Florida shouldn’t be the lowest paid in the nation and already underpaid teachers should not have to reach in their pockets to provide materials to do their jobs. Children in poorer communities deserve the same education and facilities that children in wealthier areas receive. Support and fight for legislation that provides funding for poor inner city and rural schools. Ray believes that school administrators and staff should represent the cultural and racial diversity of students and more needs to be done to recruit, retain and foster minorities and women in these positions.
  • Fight to make the minimum wage a living wage and keep it tied to inflation.
  • We need election reform and to cut the influence of money in politics. Support and fight for legislation to even the playing field and bring the voice of working folks back to government.
  • Protect our environment and the health of our residents. He will fight against inland fracking and offshore drilling. Ray will support legislation that pushes state and local governments and their agencies to adopt green technologies.
  • Support our first responders, teachers, and municipal and state workers. We too often see their pay, jobs, and benefits first on the chopping block when budgets tighten. They work for us and we need to fight for them.  We need to fight for them to receive pay increases and protect their pensions. We need regional support centers for law enforcement. These centers will supply technical and scientific support for local law enforcement. Our first responders need the support and equipment to effectively, safely and legally do their jobs. Support the work that Unions like the Fraternal Order of Police and the Police Benevolence Association do to protect and promote first responders pay and benefits.
  • End the for profit prison system in Florida. Rehabilitation and ending recidivism in incarceration should be the primary goal of our justice system. That goal runs counter to a corporate prison system that relies on higher incarceration rates for profits.
  • Reform the criminal justice system. 
  • Decriminalize marijuana.
  • Timely and automatic voting rights restitution.
  • End the death penalty. The death penalty has a long history of abuse combined with overwhelming racial disparity in practice. There are too many instances of cases nationwide of a person sentenced to death who were later exonerated.
  • Protect Florida’s sunshine law and fight for the public’s right to get timely information. There have been too many exemptions already added to the law and too much red tape exist to get information in a timely manner. Fght for legislation that will speed up response time and prohibit more exemptions.