A Lie a Politician Tells.

I am not a politician!

frank whiteIt’s a lie politicians tell. It’s a lie my opponent is telling.

If you only lived in Florida for two years and the Governor starts appointing you to Political Boards, then three years later you are jumping into a political race, you are a politician. If your campaign was put together by the party with the consent of the party and is being ran by the party, you are an establishment politician. If all your support comes from your father in laws connections and money, you are a politician. If no one runs against you for an open seat that usually has at least 10 challengers, you had to do some back room maneuvering. That makes you a politician.  If you worked as a lawyer for a multinational lobbying firm bringing foreign money into US politics, and you co-found a Super PAC to put more corporate money into politics you are a Politician. If you raise over $100,000 from the political and corporate establishment you aren’t just a politician, you are a bought and paid for corporate politician. If you run for a political office, you are a politician. My opponent is a politician.

I will admit “I am a politician”. I work with a political organization. The North West Florida Central Labor Council works to affect legislation that helps working class people. I have been a Democrat since I could vote, and I have been involved in the Democratic party for 10 years. I have fought with my own party over policy and platform. I am a politician, just not an establishment one.

I am not going to raise large amounts of corporate money. Corporations are not going to donate to me. It’s that simple. My working class agenda, my platform of better paying jobs, better benefits, and public education funding doesn’t meet their criteria for endorsement.

I am relying on good everyday folks like you to fuel my campaign, either with donations of money or volunteer hours. I am a politician, just not a corporate bought and paid for one. Together we can win this.

I need your help to continue the fight for working class families. I need your help to spread the message of hope for those struggling to get ahead and stay ahead. I need you to volunteer or donate today. Will YOU help today?

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