Presentation on Poverty, Jobs, and Education.

If you would like to see the Presentation on Poverty, Jobs, and Education in Escambia County, just click on the image. I believe that these are the three most pressing issues facing us in Northwest Florida. If we don’t tackle them, everything else will be in vain.

I grew up one of four boys raised by a single mother on welfare. I remember going down to the Bayfront Auditorium one weekend every month to get Department of Agriculture commodities like cheese, beans and pasta. We used food stamps. Real food stamps. I went to one of the poorest elementary schools in the State, Warrington Elementary. I know what it is like to grow up in poverty and how hard it can be to escape it.

In this presentation we will discuss the top three issues facing Escambia County voters: Poverty, Jobs, and Education. The three issues are intertwined, you cannot solve one without tackling the others. The effects of one affects all the others. Poverty cannot be overcome without education and jobs. We cannot attract jobs with a base of poor and uneducated workers.

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